Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer

By | June 30, 2016

It has been witnessed, in maximum cases, that whenever a job seeker receives a call for interview, he/she immediately jumps into it and fanatically hopes to crack it. In the process to put an end to the long ‘job search period’, their senses tend to abandon them and accepts whatever the company offers them with. But the truth is, sometimes being so desperate might make you compromise in the long run, while building your career. Thus, get to know the essential questions that you should ask your hiring manager before accepting any job offer.

Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer

Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer

  1. When Do I Need To Inform you, Finally?

When you are done with the interview rounds and get to know that you meet the company’s requirement, make sure to inquire about how much time you have to make the final decision about accepting the offer. Though it might be a thrilling moment for you, don’t let your judgment fail you. Think calmly about the things that have been negotiated with you and make the right decision. Moreover, this question will also make your employer clear that you are actually serious about being hired by the right organization for the right purpose.

  1. When Should I Join?

Make sure that you are comfortable about the joining time. Probably the company is seeking an employee who can join immediately but on the other hand you need to serve two more weeks of notice period in your current organization. To avoid confusion with such situation, it is vital to make clear about the joining date.

  1. Is The Salary Negotiable?

If you are not happy with the offered take-home, this is the perfect time to have a word on it. It is not necessary that you accept with whatever the company offers because the organization will make an offer keeping their profits in mind. So, it is you who have to take the initiation for a discussion and make the conclusion, whether you are fine with the given package or not.

  1. What Will Be The Work Responsibilities?

In order to make sure that you don’t land up shouldering the wrong responsibilities, it is essential to talk about the main job roles that you will be assigned with. Try to understand the type of activities that you will be carrying out regularly, whether they fit into your professional growth or not and how can you be benefited with the goals.

  1. What Are The Major Highlights Of Your Policy?

Before you say yes to your recruiter, try to know the company’s policy in a nutshell, so that your work-life-balance sync well. Make a point to inquire about compensation, travel expenditure, salary credit date, higher education facilities, vacations or sabbaticals etc. Your requirements, you will be knowing better. So try to figure out what can be best for you. No company will revise their policies as per your comforts – very true !! But having a clear picture of them will keep you mentally alert.

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