How To Deal Positively With Job Rejection?

By | July 8, 2016

Receiving back to back “NO”, in spite of  continuously sending job applications to various organizations, I agree it is not pleasant to handle your emotions. But remember what the former United States Senator, Bo Bennett had said? Yeah, even you need to believe in his words that, “A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” In other words, job rejections are no doubt a part and parcel of every job seeker’s life but it comes only to groom us for the best career opportunity. These rejections allow us to move one step closer to the job offer actually meant for us. So don’t be dishearten and learn the tips to deal positively with job rejections.

How To Deal Positively With Job Rejection?

Tips To Deal Positively With Job Rejection

  1. Don’t Take It Personally:

Even though you had shown all your potentialities and technical wisdom with effective communication, you might fail to come out with flying colors. But does that mean that it was completely your fault?  No! It was not ! Don’t take it personally and get all emotional by blaming yourself. Look into the situation from a positive angle. Might be the firm was not right for your type. Or might be better job opportunities are awaiting you. Hence, try to focus on other openings and go on to present your best for each interview. At the right time luck will definitely smile at you.

  1. Deal With The Shortcomings:

Every time you are rejected, try to get a proper feedback either from the headhunter or from the HR of the concerned company. Get to know the actual reasons of turning you down. Might be you were not technically sound or probably your resume didn’t match the information that you have informed them. It can be any reason. So make an effort to brush up the areas that came in the path of your success and appear for the next interview with more confidence.

  1. Recollect Your Positive Moments:

At times continual job rejections can discourage and disappoint you to a level that you will start seeing everything surrounding you, negatively. To surface out of such depressing phase, quickly jot down the achievements you have achieved until now. Try to recollect the golden moments of yours when you had successfully delivered a project or handled a team issue. Doing so will create positive vibes around you and will boost you up to take the stride courageously.

  1. Consult A Career Expert:

If you think that you are constantly losing opportunities and also have no clue of how to get back on track, see a career counselor. Discuss in length you career graph and what you aspire to be in the future and start following the advices firmly. Start practicing your interview skills honestly in order to enhance yourself with impressive attributes.

  1. Start Networking:

If direct interviews are not showing up to be successful, try to speak about it within your close circle. As an alternative of staying locked up within yourself, make effort to put across your message. Inform your close friends that you are in look for fresh jobs and if they have anyone in mind, can let you know. In doing so, you will get to know about more openings that have not shown up in your email inbox.

  1. Hit The Gym:

You might not be mentally prepared for physical exercise during such a low phase, but to be honest, by hitting the gym, you will release the endorphins hormone, which will make you feel energetic and better. Moreover, since endorphins are natural stress and pain fighters produced by a human body, exercising regularly will keep you charged for more interviews.

So to be precise, rejections are ill-timed phases of daily work life, but what matters is, the power lies with us, whether to sail through it and come out victoriously or sit back and cry over it, making life more miserable and complicated.

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