With Degree In Fashion, How To Get Jobs In Mumbai?

By | August 4, 2016

According to Mark Twain, clothed man have the maximum influence on society and today we get to see how true were his words. Irrespective of whether we are a part of the fashion industry or someone who goes gaga over dressing sense, we are all directly or indirectly linked to this very industry of glamour. Even in India, the industry is growing at a rapid pace with its wings spread to explore international developments. Thus, if you possess a degree in fashion designing, it will serve as the icing on a cake while hunting jobs in Mumbai.

With Degree In Fashion, How To Get Jobs In Mumbai?

Tips To Get Jobs In Mumbai With Fashion Degree

Mumbai is a vibrant seaside urban with a perfect identify as a destination to achieve better lifestyle. Each year, the city warmly welcomes a lot of migrants who seek shelter here, whether they come with the intention of acquiring higher studies, finding suitable jobs in Mumbai or start off as a  fresh entrepreneur. It has space for people from all walks of life, no doubt !! But with the film industry being an integral part of it, the fashion industry has started coming up with a lot of opportunities for creative youngsters who are in constant trial to prove their talent in terms of design, apparel and style.

Tips To Get Jobs In Mumbai With Fashion Degree –

  1. Know in and out:

Though getting into the fashion industry is a dream for many, it is not always that easy with so many talents out there. To keep yourself updated with what is going on in and around the industry, you ought to attend events that are accessible without pay. It is imperative to create connections and stay close with people linked to glamour world. Try to be part of occasions where professionals from this section of industries meet so that you get to know various people and their work from a near perspective.

  1. Start off as a freelancer:

With so much of competition around, grabbing a spot becomes really tough, at times. So in order to be part of the best fashion job in Mumbai, begin stepping in as a freelancer. Make a thorough research and contact professionals who offer freelancing work in the arena of your interest. This way, you will no longer stay fresher and will serve as a plus point when you are ready to work for reputed personalities.

  1. Prepare A Portfolio:

To enter the glamour world and to allow opportunities to beam in, it is necessary to have a portfolio that is impressive enough. So, it is essential to stay engaged with creative activities before and after college days. Moreover, you can as well design something to show that you have an understanding of contemporary trends. It is no longer enough to showcase only your school projects. Now the industry demands more and the best.

  1. Always Be On Search Mood:

Sometimes getting late at achieving something is not a bad idea. Bad attitude is when you  become irritated easily and discontinue your search for fresh openings or requirements. It is imperative to stay focused and in touch with hiring managers and recruiters from this sectors. But remember not to stress yourself much. Instead, to hunt down the perfect fashion jobs in Mumbai, allow yourself some space between each call and maintain follow up with each of it.

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