How To Be An Intern That Everyone Wants To Hire?

By | August 10, 2016

We all love it, when from being an intern we land up becoming a full time employee for the company. But the question is how to offer this dream a reality touch? Because you will not be the only person interning. There will be a complete group of interns and that too for limited job posts. Thus, to be a part of the company for a long term, it is a must that you possess “A Grade” for your internship period. And, the good news is that today we will suggest you few tips on how to be an intern that everyone wants to hire.

How To Be An Intern That Everyone Wants To Hire?

Best Tips For Becoming An Intern That Everyone Desires To Hire

Best Tips For Becoming An Intern That Everyone Desires To Hire –

  1. Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

You must have come across the phase, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Here, life refers to your success and to achieve it you have to step out to face challenges and take risks. And the phase of an intern is the best period in ones career to explore new strategies and master fresh talents. In doing so, not only you will be a step ahead of your peers but will also grab the attention of your seniors.

  1. Start Networking:

It is true that you are not a permanent employee, at present, but that does not limits you from maintaining healthy relationships and communication. It is necessary to increase connections so that you stay focused in front of your seniors. And nobody hates to hire a fresher who possess a vibrant and positive attitude. But just remember, not to overdo it.

  1. Be Proactive:

Don’t make the mistake of sitting idle during your internship. Seek out for opportunities and try to make the best use of it. The days when you don’t have much task, it is always wise to ask your manager or immediate senior about how to utilize the free time productively. This will not only clarify that you are an ardent learner but may also allow you to take up new responsibilities like contributing in a new project. Later, you can mention all these added facts on to your resume.

  1. Share Your Views During Meetings:

Being a fresh college pass out, you might have a lot of creative ideas to share. So before a meeting starts, make a bit of research and study on the topic of discussion. Later, you can share your ideas with your seniors and co-workers. Don’t take tension that it has to be something very extraordinary or out of the box. Many a times simple and fresh one works out better than the complicated strategies. So just give a try without being a fly on the wall.

  1. Underline Your Accomplishments:

Since you don’t possess any work experience prior to your internship, you might feel like assuming a lot of things. But please avoid doing so. Specifically when it comes to your work and daily responsibilities. Don’t cross your fingers in the hope that your supervisor will recognize your caliber and great work just like that. Instead send out a mail every Friday stating what have you been doing the past week. Repeat this every week. When required take permission to discuss about the challenges faced by you and how can you overcome them.

  1. Stay Plugged In:

Just because you are an intern, don’t attend office to simple complete your day to day tasks and return back home. Instead, go through the company’s website, newsletters, blogs, press releases, trade journals etc; when time permits. Try to get connected with the organization as much as you can. This way, you won’t be left behind and moreover you can reciprocate with your supervisor or manager, better.

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