The Best Ways To Double Your Current Salary

By | September 6, 2016

None can deny the happiness they will get if their salary gets doubled. It is very true that each of us wishes that the value of our current income becomes double or triple in the shortest span of time. At the same time, the bitter truth is while a handful of us have turned this dream into a reality, the rest had to move on with whatever they have been offered by their employers. But according to few career experts, there are a number of practices, if implemented at the right time, can bear sweet fruits. Here are few, we are going to discuss today.

The Best Ways To Double Your Current Salary

The Secret Tips To Double Your Current Salary

The Secret Tips To Double Your Current Salary –

  1. Master Rare Skills:

If you will work like a commoner, even your salary will sound like a commoner. Instead, master a unique skill related to your job profile and polish it professionally. Bearing specialized knowledge will not only permit you to stand out of the crowd but will as well increase your value to your team and employer. On top of this, apply a bit of confidence while making use of this skill.

  1. Increase Your Rates:

Neither make the blunder of not doing enough research nor discussing your value clearly with your client. Charge more for what you do. At times it will be not that easy to convince your employer but offer them reference of competitors or how professionals of your level are paid. Be sure to explain specifically how rates will change in the future when you talk with new clients as well, in the interest of transparency.

  1. Take Initiatives:

Don’t be simply a part of your team, only completing your day to day task. Notice around. Understand what your co-employees are engaged with. Take responsibilities beyond your job description. From time to time, offer fresh ideas and profiting concepts to your team or manager. This will not only showcase your worth in the growth of the organization but will as well pave the path for better promotions.

  1. Keep Attending Interviews:

Since you are already employed, don’t get comfortable in the back seat. Keep yourself alert about fresh openings related to your profile. Whether you come out successfully or not, is a secondary question, first appear for interviews whenever one comes before you. Don’t wait for the perfect time to make a shift. Even take time out to discuss about new vacancies with your closed ones. you never know, if someone can refer you internally to a higher position.

  1. Go For Freelancing:

Without quitting your full time job, you can still go for freelancing. There are a lot of clients who will be eager to offer you projects based on your specialization, just that you need to manage your timing well. You can go for either weekend based or weekly based, depending on your client’s requirements. But the plus point is you will be earning extra bucks.

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