What Are The Best Social Media Career Opportunities?

By | October 12, 2016

Social media has influenced everyone of ours networking and socializing mannerisms in such a way that it has completely revolutionized the marketing trends of various sector. In today’s date there is not a single industry who is not implementing social media strategies to boost their businesses. From this, one thing is clear that social media will continue to dominate our staying-in-touch-habits for many years to come. It is also true that to maintain this transformation into a digitized sphere; analytical thinking, extensive research, strategic planning and creative communication (written) requires to be blended in the same ratio. ¬†As a result, a number of fresh job profiles have taken shape, which we are going to discuss in this write-up.

What Are The Best Social Media Career Opportunities?

The Best Social Media Related Career Profiles

The Best Social Media Related Career Profiles –

  1. Internet Marketing Director:

The main task of an Internet Marketing Director is to lay focus on the business as well as the creative end of a given website, so that maximum ROI is collected by the concern company. Since they are responsible for enhancing web traffic, it is also their duty to manage Google AdWords, pay per click (PPC) and few other advertising activities. The profile of an Internet Marketing Director is generally offered to a professional who possess minimum ten years of experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization.

  1. Social Media Manager:

When Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn was introduced in 2004, 2006 and 2002; respectively, no one thought that after a decade it will be so important for the growth of any business. In other words, all these social media sites have become a vital part of modern marketing trend. So, to keep up to this growing demand, companies have started hiring pros under the designation – Social Media Manager. Though, for some, this career option might sound very vague and fun, the responsibilities of a SSM is much more than simple tweets and FB posts. Thus, experience of seven to eight years, clubbed with a sensitive mind for strategic social media marketing are important attributes.

  1. Online Marketing Manager:

Though this profile is almost similar to that of a Social Media Manager, an Online Marketing Manager is more in charge of the company’s clients and customers. S/he needs to maintain close details and follow-ups of what customers and clients have requested. Most of the time, it will be a face-to-face job where the professional is required to interact with customers to reassure and convince them. Therefore, someone who possess a strong inclination for customer-care background is more suitable for this role.

  1. Digital Strategists:

Since now, every business is seeking our online presence, it has become equally imperative to plan and develop long-term strategies for promoting services and products digitally. And this is where the role of a Digital Strategies comes up. It also demands analyzing huge database so that the company can take the right decisions to compete steeply with rivals. Other related activities such as figuring our fresh communities for marketing efforts and managing the online presence of a company are a part and parcel of this profile.

  1. Content Manager:

For all the social media activities to bear fruitful results, it is very essential to create appropriate, creative and influencing content. So, a Content Manager is a senior professionals who will be handing all the activities related to content development and editing. Many companies have also started publishing blogs and articles on behalf of their online brand and to do so they need an expert who can do it effectively. Beside these, a content manager as well has to scrutinize and proofread posts, meta tags, meta descriptions and other SEO related content.

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