How To Answer Job Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself

By | October 24, 2016

The most common ice breaking question, while appearing in a job interview – tell me about yourself, is actually a question that needs to be answered very carefully. This very initial question sets the complete tone of the interview, allowing interviewers to make their first impression about you. This is why, though many of us don’t ponder much while answering this question, in reality can make them lose their change of grabbing that job offer. Throwing light on this matter, let us today discuss how smartly to answer this particular job interview question.

How To Answer Job Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself

Things To Remember While Answering – Tell Me About Yourself

Things To Remember While Answering – Tell Me About Yourself

  1. Focus On Your Work Experience:

When an interviewer put forwards this question, it neither means they are asking every details about your job history nor story about your personal life. Before heading for the interview, it is wise to do your homework. Start off with a brief introduction of yours and quickly take turn towards your professional life. Tell your employer about your strengths and skills along with the achievements you had. Also let him/her/them know why you are interested in this post.

  1. Practice:

Since this happens to be the very first question asked in any job interview, many of us become nervous and land up saying things that are irrelevant. To avoid such situation, many career experts suggest practicing it a couple of times before hand. Furthermore, even if you don’t start your interview with this question, at least the practices will make you more confident – as you already know practice makes a man perfect !!

  1. Avoid Reciting Your Resume:

Many of us as well have the habit of narrating A to Z whatever is written on the resume, as soon as the employer asks – tell me about yourself. But that is not what they want to know. They know what is there in your CV. What they want to know is a quick and brief account of what you have done until now as a professional along with a crisp introduction of yours.

  1. Use It As An Elevator Pitch For The Applied Job:

Though the initial question, but it is the perfect opportunity to let your hiring manager know why you are the apt candidate for the applied post. And even for the hiring team, it is basically this is what they seek when they put across this question. So, just make use of the right collection of information to showcase.

  1. Include Your Future Plan:

Even though not in too many words, but it is essential to mention about your future plans as a professional, when this question is asked. This will allow the interviewers to have a better perspective of hiring you.

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