Top Smart Ways To Use Social Media For Job Hunt

By | November 28, 2016

Are you a fresher or an experienced looking for jobs?

Are you using social media for job hunting? If not, I strictly recommend you to use social media from now on for your job searching.

When it comes to advancing your career opportunities, there are numerous challenges that a fresher or an experienced might undergo. First of all, a huge number of freshers are passing out every year, but there are only few colleges that have placements or there are only few opportunities for a fresher outside.  Secondly, in some other cases, it so happens that people who don’t have right amount of knowledge for a particular profile, gets hired with references. And all the professionally skilled people will be laid back.

Top Smart Ways To Use Social Media For Job Hunt

Smart Social Media Ways for Job Hunters

Rebeca White, area director at staffing firm Kavaliro , says that “ it is important for candidates to utilize social media”.

Social Media highly impacts on each and every individual life. Right from top level people to any normal person use social media for posting updates. It might be any sort of posting; people do read and comment on those posts. So, people who are hunting jobs seriously should follow some of the techniques for developing their skills on social media in order to attract managers and also to get placed in their dream companies.

There are many other challenges also, but let us keep all those aside and think of ways for getting jobs easily. Here are some of the smart ways for helping job hunters.

Smart Social Media Ways for Job Hunters –

  1. Create Your Profiles

As a fresher, it is important for you to promote yourself in front of professionals. If you just go to some company profiles and post your resumes, it might be of waste. If you are lucky enough, you might get a call from those companies and even get offer letters from them. But, high chances are that they just ignore or even spam those kinds of mails. So, social media are the best ways for helping you in order to get jobs. There are various social media websites like Facebook, Linkedln and many others available in today’s market. Each social media network has its own characteristics and practices. So, make a survey on all those platforms and create your profiles with all the essential information in it.  Don’t forget to create unique resumes in order to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Update Your Profiles

This is one of the major things that every one of us forgets to do. We just create profiles and keep them aside thinking that we will get a call or job updates. But the fact is that, people who update their profiles regularly are those who get continuous calls from HR people. Most of the professionals will be looking for people who will be active on social media platforms. So, once you update your profile or post any update, make sure to let your friends and fellow colleagues know about it. Trust me; this will surely help you in some or the other way.

  1. Join Professional Groups

It might not be sufficient if you just create your profiles and update it regularly. You need to also be aware of what’s happening in today’s IT world. You need to join professional groups and be an active participant in all the discussions held there. This will have a high impact on you as well as on the managers who are looking for candidates with such interests.  Also, if you happened to meet any of the top professional in these discussions, don’t miss this opportunity!!! Get in touch with them. Just remember, post updates that are not against any legal matters or even harmful to any one in that group.

  1. Employer Friendly

You might have heard business friendly, consumer friendly, user friendly and all.  But, you might be thinking of what this employer friendly mean and how does it affect for a job hunter.  Employer friendly is nothing but keeping your profile crisp and precise. Just by looking at your profile, managers should come to know what kind of candidate you are. When you create profiles in social media sites, use a professional looking avatar for yourself. Give precise information about what kind of job you are looking, include a backline for your resumes and don’t forget to tweet about your job search. On the whole, it is just like portraying yourself as an expert in your respective fields.

  1. Be Careful

We all have heard many incidents that have happened using social media platform. Of them, Facebook is one. For some people, Facebook is just like a fun place to chat with friends. But, for some it is a beautiful place. They get to learn many things, get in touch with professionals and many more.  Whatever it might be, to be on your safer side, keep your entire social media profiles private. Allow only necessary information to be seen from others. Don’t waste your time sitting and chatting with strange people. Instead, spend that time on developing your social media skills.


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