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Top Smart Ways To Use Social Media For Job Hunt

Are you a fresher or an experienced looking for jobs?

Are you using social media for job hunting? If not, I strictly recommend you to use social media from now on for your job searching.

When it comes to advancing your career opportunities, there are numerous challenges that a fresher or an experienced might undergo. First of all, a huge number of freshers are passing out every year, but there are only few colleges that have placements or there are only few opportunities for a fresher outside.  Secondly, in some other cases, it so happens that people who don’t have right amount of knowledge for a particular profile, gets hired with references. And all the professionally skilled people will be laid back.

Top Smart Ways To Use Social Media For Job Hunt

Smart Social Media Ways for Job Hunters

Rebeca White, area director at staffing firm Kavaliro , says that “ it is important for candidates to utilize social media”.

Social Media highly impacts on each and every individual life. Right from top level people to any normal person use social media for posting updates. It might be any sort of posting; people do read and comment on those posts. So, people who are hunting jobs seriously should follow some of the techniques for developing their skills on social media in order to attract managers and also to get placed in their dream companies.

There are many other challenges also, but let us keep all those aside and think of ways for getting jobs easily. Here are some of the smart ways for helping job hunters.

Smart Social Media Ways for Job Hunters –

  1. Create Your Profiles

As a fresher, it is important for you to promote yourself in front of professionals. If you just go to some company profiles and post your resumes, it might be of waste. If you are lucky enough, you might get a call from those companies and even get offer letters from them. But, high chances are that they just ignore or even spam those kinds of mails. So, social media are the best ways for helping you in order to get jobs. There are various social media websites like Facebook, Linkedln and many others available in today’s market. Each social media network has its own characteristics and practices. So, make a survey on all those platforms and create your profiles with all the essential information in it.  Don’t forget to create unique resumes in order to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Update Your Profiles

This is one of the major things that every one of us forgets to do. We just create profiles and keep them aside thinking that we will get a call or job updates. But the fact is that, people who update their profiles regularly are those who get continuous calls from HR people. Most of the professionals will be looking for people who will be active on social media platforms. So, once you update your profile or post any update, make sure to let your friends and fellow colleagues know about it. Trust me; this will surely help you in some or the other way.

  1. Join Professional Groups

It might not be sufficient if you just create your profiles and update it regularly. You need to also be aware of what’s happening in today’s IT world. You need to join professional groups and be an active participant in all the discussions held there. This will have a high impact on you as well as on the managers who are looking for candidates with such interests.  Also, if you happened to meet any of the top professional in these discussions, don’t miss this opportunity!!! Get in touch with them. Just remember, post updates that are not against any legal matters or even harmful to any one in that group.

  1. Employer Friendly

You might have heard business friendly, consumer friendly, user friendly and all.  But, you might be thinking of what this employer friendly mean and how does it affect for a job hunter.  Employer friendly is nothing but keeping your profile crisp and precise. Just by looking at your profile, managers should come to know what kind of candidate you are. When you create profiles in social media sites, use a professional looking avatar for yourself. Give precise information about what kind of job you are looking, include a backline for your resumes and don’t forget to tweet about your job search. On the whole, it is just like portraying yourself as an expert in your respective fields.

  1. Be Careful

We all have heard many incidents that have happened using social media platform. Of them, Facebook is one. For some people, Facebook is just like a fun place to chat with friends. But, for some it is a beautiful place. They get to learn many things, get in touch with professionals and many more.  Whatever it might be, to be on your safer side, keep your entire social media profiles private. Allow only necessary information to be seen from others. Don’t waste your time sitting and chatting with strange people. Instead, spend that time on developing your social media skills.


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How To Answer Job Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself

The most common ice breaking question, while appearing in a job interview – tell me about yourself, is actually a question that needs to be answered very carefully. This very initial question sets the complete tone of the interview, allowing interviewers to make their first impression about you. This is why, though many of us don’t ponder much while answering this question, in reality can make them lose their change of grabbing that job offer. Throwing light on this matter, let us today discuss how smartly to answer this particular job interview question.

How To Answer Job Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself

Things To Remember While Answering – Tell Me About Yourself

Things To Remember While Answering – Tell Me About Yourself

  1. Focus On Your Work Experience:

When an interviewer put forwards this question, it neither means they are asking every details about your job history nor story about your personal life. Before heading for the interview, it is wise to do your homework. Start off with a brief introduction of yours and quickly take turn towards your professional life. Tell your employer about your strengths and skills along with the achievements you had. Also let him/her/them know why you are interested in this post.

  1. Practice:

Since this happens to be the very first question asked in any job interview, many of us become nervous and land up saying things that are irrelevant. To avoid such situation, many career experts suggest practicing it a couple of times before hand. Furthermore, even if you don’t start your interview with this question, at least the practices will make you more confident – as you already know practice makes a man perfect !!

  1. Avoid Reciting Your Resume:

Many of us as well have the habit of narrating A to Z whatever is written on the resume, as soon as the employer asks – tell me about yourself. But that is not what they want to know. They know what is there in your CV. What they want to know is a quick and brief account of what you have done until now as a professional along with a crisp introduction of yours.

  1. Use It As An Elevator Pitch For The Applied Job:

Though the initial question, but it is the perfect opportunity to let your hiring manager know why you are the apt candidate for the applied post. And even for the hiring team, it is basically this is what they seek when they put across this question. So, just make use of the right collection of information to showcase.

  1. Include Your Future Plan:

Even though not in too many words, but it is essential to mention about your future plans as a professional, when this question is asked. This will allow the interviewers to have a better perspective of hiring you.

What Are The Best Social Media Career Opportunities?

Social media has influenced everyone of ours networking and socializing mannerisms in such a way that it has completely revolutionized the marketing trends of various sector. In today’s date there is not a single industry who is not implementing social media strategies to boost their businesses. From this, one thing is clear that social media will continue to dominate our staying-in-touch-habits for many years to come. It is also true that to maintain this transformation into a digitized sphere; analytical thinking, extensive research, strategic planning and creative communication (written) requires to be blended in the same ratio.  As a result, a number of fresh job profiles have taken shape, which we are going to discuss in this write-up.

What Are The Best Social Media Career Opportunities?

The Best Social Media Related Career Profiles

The Best Social Media Related Career Profiles –

  1. Internet Marketing Director:

The main task of an Internet Marketing Director is to lay focus on the business as well as the creative end of a given website, so that maximum ROI is collected by the concern company. Since they are responsible for enhancing web traffic, it is also their duty to manage Google AdWords, pay per click (PPC) and few other advertising activities. The profile of an Internet Marketing Director is generally offered to a professional who possess minimum ten years of experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization.

  1. Social Media Manager:

When Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn was introduced in 2004, 2006 and 2002; respectively, no one thought that after a decade it will be so important for the growth of any business. In other words, all these social media sites have become a vital part of modern marketing trend. So, to keep up to this growing demand, companies have started hiring pros under the designation – Social Media Manager. Though, for some, this career option might sound very vague and fun, the responsibilities of a SSM is much more than simple tweets and FB posts. Thus, experience of seven to eight years, clubbed with a sensitive mind for strategic social media marketing are important attributes.

  1. Online Marketing Manager:

Though this profile is almost similar to that of a Social Media Manager, an Online Marketing Manager is more in charge of the company’s clients and customers. S/he needs to maintain close details and follow-ups of what customers and clients have requested. Most of the time, it will be a face-to-face job where the professional is required to interact with customers to reassure and convince them. Therefore, someone who possess a strong inclination for customer-care background is more suitable for this role.

  1. Digital Strategists:

Since now, every business is seeking our online presence, it has become equally imperative to plan and develop long-term strategies for promoting services and products digitally. And this is where the role of a Digital Strategies comes up. It also demands analyzing huge database so that the company can take the right decisions to compete steeply with rivals. Other related activities such as figuring our fresh communities for marketing efforts and managing the online presence of a company are a part and parcel of this profile.

  1. Content Manager:

For all the social media activities to bear fruitful results, it is very essential to create appropriate, creative and influencing content. So, a Content Manager is a senior professionals who will be handing all the activities related to content development and editing. Many companies have also started publishing blogs and articles on behalf of their online brand and to do so they need an expert who can do it effectively. Beside these, a content manager as well has to scrutinize and proofread posts, meta tags, meta descriptions and other SEO related content.

What Important Graduate Skills Should A Fresher Have?

If you are thinking that you are left with nothing more to acquire since your college days are over, then you are wrong. In fact, now is the phase when you will be facing steep competition as many graduates like you will be applying for all types of available jobs across cities and countries. And to maintain pace with this never ending race, you need to master few of the graduate skills that all contemporary employers will look forward to. So in order to fair well, peep into our write-up and catch hold of the skills that have been marked imperative by the hiring managers and well established employers.

What Important Graduate Skills Should A Fresher Have?

Best Graduate Skills To Learn To Get Hired Easily

Best Graduate Skills To Learn To Get Hired Easily –

  1. Impeccable Communication Ability:

Communication excellence has been conceived as one of the most desirable graduate skills that every hiring team will take note of. And when it is said “communication skill”, it will include every attributes such as listening, interpreting, writing, speaking and responding. Characteristics such as smartness, personality, confidence, professionalism etc can be easily marked out easily based on the way an employee communicates or puts forward his/her view point. One should also possess the ability to deal conflicting situations very effectively. This is a skill that twenty first youngsters are losing day by day and this is why is of utmost priority that you inculcate it before it is too late.

  1. Team Work Quality:

Working in a corporate sector is not similar like doing group activities in colleagues in high school. It requires a lot of professionalism and work ethics. Everyone in a team is a different individual and thus each of their views and interpretations need to be respected. As a fresher you will be allowed to work under someone who will possess years of experience. You should know when to open your mount and for what purpose. Listening more and showing respect will earn you positive points but if in case you fail to do so you can land up being terminated.

  1. Learn Transparency:

Being transparent is another graduate skill that a fresher should embrace it from the initial days of his/her career life. It involves being open, giving space to your colleague’s opinion, well collaboration among teammates, complete participation in team tasks, understanding assigned responsibilities etc. Only when harmony and cooperation will prevail among the teams, the organization as a whole will witness growth.

  1. Personal Skill:

Personal skills are included among the graduate skills by an employer because it is the root for all round growth. It allows an individual not only to grow by mind and body but will as well help the organization to thrive with positivity. It includes things such as effective balance of personal and professional life, proper time management between work and personal priorities, finding ways to enhance professional skills, maintaining stress and anxiety levels, ability to draw link between theoretical and practical knowledge, possessing good sense of dressing etc.

  1. Adaptability:

Owing to the fickle mindset of today’s generation, it is very essential to cultivate the skill of adaptability. Why it is counted as one among the graduate skills is because no hiring team will love to recruit a fresher who is not ready to adjust and accept demanding situations that keep arising in corporate sectors. Employers are always in look out for employees who can adapt to changes, whether it be technical or systemic.

Reliance Jio SIM – What Is It All About?

An unit of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Reliance Jio will soon offer an incredible transformation to not only phone usage and internet speed in India but to the complete telecom industry as a whole.

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, the RIL Chairman and Managing Director had announced the Jio Welcome Offer in Jio’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) to obtain 90% market share by porting more or less all the Indian customers on Jio, until March 2017. According to him, Jio SIM’s STD as well as local calls will remain free for lifetime. Another good news that tags along the Preview Offer is that Indian consumers can enjoy free unlimited 4G Internet Data from 5th September 2016 till 31st December 2016.

Reliance Jio SIM - What Is It All About?

The best way to hunt jobs with Reliance Jio 4G SIM

How To Get Jio 4G SIM Cards –

  • Uninstall the MyJio App, that you had installed previously
  • Go to Google Play Store and freshly download it
  • Open the MyJio App, once the installation is completed
  • Look for the “Click to Install All” button and hit it
  • Install all the given applications
  • Exit from MyJio application, once you are done installing all the applications
  • Now disconnect your mobile data as well as Wi-Fi
  • Next open the application with any internet connection
  • Ignore the pop-up – “No Internet Connection” and click on – “Get Jio SIM”
  • Again the “”No Internet Connection” pop up will be shown. This time enable your Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • Now when you click the button, you will see Preview Offer code instruction
  • Follow the instructions to get the code and proceed further by submitting your documents etc.

Why Go For Reliance Jio 4G SIM Card –

  • India’s first all IP network
  • Data-strong network specially designed for 4G internet
  • Mobile HD video network
  • 4G covers 2 lakh villages and 18,000 cities
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Future guarantee of 5G and 6G

Other Benefits of Reliance Jio 4G SIM Card –

  •  Unlimited Call packs
  • Unlimited 4G Internet Data
  • Download Speed up to 50 MBPS (Mega Byte Per Second)
  • Upload Speed up to 30-35 MBPS

Simple And Affordable Tariffs –

  • One India – No roaming charges
  • No high data rates
  • No voice call charges
  • No high base rates and overages
  • No blackout days

Attractive Jio Applications –

  • Jio Chat
  • Jio TV
  • Jio Cinema
  • Jio Music
  • Jio Mags
  • Jio Express News
  • Jio Drive
  • Jio Join
  • Jio Money
  • Jio Security
  • Jio News Paper

Reliance Jio vs.  Vodafone vs. Airtel – 4G Tariff


Telecom Operation



Data Offered






Reliance Jio

4 GB + unlimited night usage + voice calls + SMS 28 days Rs. 499




4 GB


56 days


Rs. 852




4 GB


30 days


Rs. 755

Reliance Jio 4G SIM Card

Innovative platform to search jobs with Reliance Jio 4G SIM


After going through the details of Reliance Jio 4G SIM Card, it can be concluded that this particular launch by the RIL will definitely offer all Indians a fresh platform to stay connected with the globe in a very economical manner. Furthermore, if you are a job seeker, download TAKE A JOB MOBILE APP from the Google store with high speed 4G SIM and take complete advantage of job hunt facilities while on the move.

The Best Ways To Double Your Current Salary

None can deny the happiness they will get if their salary gets doubled. It is very true that each of us wishes that the value of our current income becomes double or triple in the shortest span of time. At the same time, the bitter truth is while a handful of us have turned this dream into a reality, the rest had to move on with whatever they have been offered by their employers. But according to few career experts, there are a number of practices, if implemented at the right time, can bear sweet fruits. Here are few, we are going to discuss today.

The Best Ways To Double Your Current Salary

The Secret Tips To Double Your Current Salary

The Secret Tips To Double Your Current Salary –

  1. Master Rare Skills:

If you will work like a commoner, even your salary will sound like a commoner. Instead, master a unique skill related to your job profile and polish it professionally. Bearing specialized knowledge will not only permit you to stand out of the crowd but will as well increase your value to your team and employer. On top of this, apply a bit of confidence while making use of this skill.

  1. Increase Your Rates:

Neither make the blunder of not doing enough research nor discussing your value clearly with your client. Charge more for what you do. At times it will be not that easy to convince your employer but offer them reference of competitors or how professionals of your level are paid. Be sure to explain specifically how rates will change in the future when you talk with new clients as well, in the interest of transparency.

  1. Take Initiatives:

Don’t be simply a part of your team, only completing your day to day task. Notice around. Understand what your co-employees are engaged with. Take responsibilities beyond your job description. From time to time, offer fresh ideas and profiting concepts to your team or manager. This will not only showcase your worth in the growth of the organization but will as well pave the path for better promotions.

  1. Keep Attending Interviews:

Since you are already employed, don’t get comfortable in the back seat. Keep yourself alert about fresh openings related to your profile. Whether you come out successfully or not, is a secondary question, first appear for interviews whenever one comes before you. Don’t wait for the perfect time to make a shift. Even take time out to discuss about new vacancies with your closed ones. you never know, if someone can refer you internally to a higher position.

  1. Go For Freelancing:

Without quitting your full time job, you can still go for freelancing. There are a lot of clients who will be eager to offer you projects based on your specialization, just that you need to manage your timing well. You can go for either weekend based or weekly based, depending on your client’s requirements. But the plus point is you will be earning extra bucks.

What To Consider For Healthy Socialization With Colleagues?

Since we spend maximum of our time in office, it is a healthy habit to socialize well with co-workers. It will not only allow you to grow professionally but as well help a lot in terms of teamwork, promotions, business deals etc. So, though in other words it can be assumed that if done right, work friendship can yield great benefits. But still one question happens to linger. And that is how far should you go to maintain a friendly relationship with your colleagues? I mean are there any boundaries to be maintained? Thus, focused below are few pointers that can make this discussion even more clear.

What To Consider For Healthy Socialization With Colleagues?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Socialization in Office

The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Socialization in Office –


  • If not every day, at least two to three times a week, walk across to your team mates and floor mates during break hours and ask how are they. Share some lively talks or some topics that are interesting for both.
  • When someone new joins your team, initiate talk with them. Being an old employee, take the step to break the ice. make the co-worker comfortable and the rest will follow up automatically.
  • Acknowledgement is important. Whenever you make eye contact with any of your colleagues, either pass a smile, say “hello” or nod your head. Only when you seem happy and approachable, people will reciprocate you the same.
  • If in a group, try to communicate in one common language that each of you understand. It is very rude to talk in the majority language and leave alone the one who does not know your mother tongue.
  • Filter your talks, even while speaking with your best co-fellow in office. Maintain the fine line that will differentiate between personal and office life.
  • Drink moderately. Many corporate and organizations host party for year ending, Christmas, annual functions, half yearly picnics and other get-togethers. And since it is celebration time, drinks and food are part of it. In such events, you might feel that two three drinks more will allow you to jell with your teammates more. But let me warn you, that is a mistake you should never commit.
  • Share a toast with colleagues during happy times. This will not only give you opportunity to know them more but will as well show that you care for them.
  • Mind your etiquette, no matter whether you and your colleagues are in office premises or in some public place. For example, if it is a team lunch out, pay attention to table manners, make eye contacts, show your happiness, listen to what each one shares etc.


  • Always stay away from off-color humor. No matter how close you are with your business clients and colleagues, such jokes are strictly NO for them. Though out of courtesy, they might laugh, but you never know they might get uncomfortable.
  • Maintain distance from controversies. Neither discuss anything sensational nor debate much on topics such as religion, politics etc. Don’t assume that everyone will agree with you or appreciate your viewpoints.
  • Ignore your phone when you are a part of a team discussion. Show respect and interest towards what your colleagues are sharing.
  • Don’t be judgmental about your teammates’ lifestyle. Almost none of our personalities or personal life happens to be the same. you never know what is going on in his/her life. So, just don’t be disapproving.
  • Don’t be bossy.

How To Come Out Successfully In Group Discussions?

Though all of us know the literal meaning of group discussion, how many of you know how to crack it successfully? To get entry into any Business Schools or reputed organizations, group discussions have become a mandatory hiring process. It is in this round that the team building spirit, leadership quality, innovative thinking and other essential attributes are being judged. No doubt, it is of utmost importance to master few tricks to come out with flying colors. Scroll further and get to know how to come out successfully in group discussions.

How To Come Out Successfully In Group Discussions?

Best Tips To Succeed In Group Discussions

Best Tips To Succeed In Group Discussions –

  1. Take Initiation:

While being a part of any group discussions, it is important that you get involved in the discussion without being pushed by others. Instead of waiting for someone else to start the discussion, it is wise to take initiative. Participate in the conversation completely and share your ideas with others. But remember not to act over smart or to speak much if you are not well versed with the topic.

  1. Allow Others To Speak:

By the term group discussion means the conversation needs to be carried out in group. In other words, you should also listen and give chance to others to speak out their opinions. There might be moments or points that might be agreeable for you but that does not mean that you will snatch their chance to explain their point. Instead, jot down the points and put them forward when your turn comes.

  1. Keep The Discussion Positive:

No matter whatever the topic be, it is essential to discuss it positively. Share personal experiences, if required but never take the risk of speaking something that can be judgmental or sentimental. Conflicting statements can lead to arguments among team members. Moreover, when someone shares his/her viewpoint, don’t remark it as stupid or senseless.

  1. Be Clear:

Speak politely and clearly. Use simple and understandable words while speaking. It is important that everyone in the group understands what you are conveying. Don’t be too aggressive if you are disagreeing with someone. Express your feelings calmly and politely.

  1. No Need Of Detailed Narration:

Whatever you speak, remember to be precise, up the point and confident. If you know the topic very well, good for you but no need to elaborate each and every details. It is a group discussion and everyone needs a chance to talk. So don’t waste time saying what is not required.

  1. Make Eye Contact:

Many of us have a habit of looking here and there while speaking. This is absolutely wrong, especially when you are in a group discussion. Maintain eye contact with everyone while speaking. This will show that you are confident about what you are saying.

  1. Formal Dress:

Lastly, it is suggested that you be in your formal wears while heading for a group discussion. Flashy clothes, flaunty jewelry and cakey makeup are big time NO ! Also avoid wearing too many bangles, so as to keep disturbances at bay. The best idea is to come in sober formal attire.

What Are The Best Tips To Improve Job Satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is the secret to boost a company’s productivity, enthusiasm for work and least employee turnover. It is that ultimate weapon which possess the potentiality to make an employee happy, not only professionally but as well in his personal life. Studies have shown that work satisfaction is one of the major issues for contemporary businesses. Though there might be many reasons why employees complain about their job but among them the biggest concern is lack of job satisfaction. For many, situations are so pathetic that in spite of being rewarded with promotions and thick packages, their lives turns out to be disappointing and poor. Thus, peep into our write-up to catch a glimpse of the factors that can offer job satisfaction to your employee.

What Are The Best Tips To Improve Job Satisfaction?

The Best Tips To Improve Job Satisfaction

The Best Tips To Improve Job Satisfaction –

  1. Creating A Positive Environment:

Bearing a positive work environment is the first step in assuring that your staff remains happy and energetic. You being their senior, it is your responsibility to find out what keeps your workforce motivated and content. The manner in which a marketer has to nurture his clients in order to retain them for further business, in the same way you need to take care of your employee. If required, go beyond your call of duty but never fail to keep up to the company’s expectation.

  1. Workforce Engagement:

An employee will be interest for work only when they will start feeling that they are a part of something big or they are also contributing to the growth of the organization. This is the reason why workforce engagement is essential and to achieve this, staffs need to be included in goal setting and explain, how their contribution plays a vital role. Also annual events can be held where different departments can suggest other divisions with fresh and innovative ideas.

  1. Scope For Improvement:

Stagnation in work is one of the most disappointing thing that can make an employee lack interest in his/her current profile and as a result of which he/she will look out for job change. But, instead, if they have something to look forward to for long term, that will sound more fulfilling. Thus, technical as well as soft skill training keep people inspired and productive. Moreover, this allows you to improve, tweak and monitor job satisfaction levels to reduce turnover and save the company money.

  1. Reward And Recognition:

Another method to keep up job satisfaction levels in a company is by arranging reward and recognition events annually. Personal recognition and positive complements have always elevated our spirit and built our morals. So why not apply the same strategy in keeping your workforce happy and active? After so much of hard work and dedication, money is not always that satisfies us. Every one of us seek something extra and this extra can be nicely put into reward ceremony.

  1. Encouraging Social Connections:

It is the duty of an employer to find ways to connect one department with the other and with one employee with the next. Given to the fact that humans are social beings, it is impossible to work day after day in an environment that is monotonous with least social activities. It is not necessary that staff members spend a lot of time in chit-chatting but it is imperative that there is some sort of mutual friendliness among all. Work stations should be arranged in a fashion that workers get to see each other to pass on a smile.

How To Be An Intern That Everyone Wants To Hire?

We all love it, when from being an intern we land up becoming a full time employee for the company. But the question is how to offer this dream a reality touch? Because you will not be the only person interning. There will be a complete group of interns and that too for limited job posts. Thus, to be a part of the company for a long term, it is a must that you possess “A Grade” for your internship period. And, the good news is that today we will suggest you few tips on how to be an intern that everyone wants to hire.

How To Be An Intern That Everyone Wants To Hire?

Best Tips For Becoming An Intern That Everyone Desires To Hire

Best Tips For Becoming An Intern That Everyone Desires To Hire –

  1. Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

You must have come across the phase, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Here, life refers to your success and to achieve it you have to step out to face challenges and take risks. And the phase of an intern is the best period in ones career to explore new strategies and master fresh talents. In doing so, not only you will be a step ahead of your peers but will also grab the attention of your seniors.

  1. Start Networking:

It is true that you are not a permanent employee, at present, but that does not limits you from maintaining healthy relationships and communication. It is necessary to increase connections so that you stay focused in front of your seniors. And nobody hates to hire a fresher who possess a vibrant and positive attitude. But just remember, not to overdo it.

  1. Be Proactive:

Don’t make the mistake of sitting idle during your internship. Seek out for opportunities and try to make the best use of it. The days when you don’t have much task, it is always wise to ask your manager or immediate senior about how to utilize the free time productively. This will not only clarify that you are an ardent learner but may also allow you to take up new responsibilities like contributing in a new project. Later, you can mention all these added facts on to your resume.

  1. Share Your Views During Meetings:

Being a fresh college pass out, you might have a lot of creative ideas to share. So before a meeting starts, make a bit of research and study on the topic of discussion. Later, you can share your ideas with your seniors and co-workers. Don’t take tension that it has to be something very extraordinary or out of the box. Many a times simple and fresh one works out better than the complicated strategies. So just give a try without being a fly on the wall.

  1. Underline Your Accomplishments:

Since you don’t possess any work experience prior to your internship, you might feel like assuming a lot of things. But please avoid doing so. Specifically when it comes to your work and daily responsibilities. Don’t cross your fingers in the hope that your supervisor will recognize your caliber and great work just like that. Instead send out a mail every Friday stating what have you been doing the past week. Repeat this every week. When required take permission to discuss about the challenges faced by you and how can you overcome them.

  1. Stay Plugged In:

Just because you are an intern, don’t attend office to simple complete your day to day tasks and return back home. Instead, go through the company’s website, newsletters, blogs, press releases, trade journals etc; when time permits. Try to get connected with the organization as much as you can. This way, you won’t be left behind and moreover you can reciprocate with your supervisor or manager, better.