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With Degree In Fashion, How To Get Jobs In Mumbai?

According to Mark Twain, clothed man have the maximum influence on society and today we get to see how true were his words. Irrespective of whether we are a part of the fashion industry or someone who goes gaga over dressing sense, we are all directly or indirectly linked to this very industry of glamour. Even in India, the industry is growing at a rapid pace with its wings spread to explore international developments. Thus, if you possess a degree in fashion designing, it will serve as the icing on a cake while hunting jobs in Mumbai.

With Degree In Fashion, How To Get Jobs In Mumbai?

Tips To Get Jobs In Mumbai With Fashion Degree

Mumbai is a vibrant seaside urban with a perfect identify as a destination to achieve better lifestyle. Each year, the city warmly welcomes a lot of migrants who seek shelter here, whether they come with the intention of acquiring higher studies, finding suitable jobs in Mumbai or start off as a  fresh entrepreneur. It has space for people from all walks of life, no doubt !! But with the film industry being an integral part of it, the fashion industry has started coming up with a lot of opportunities for creative youngsters who are in constant trial to prove their talent in terms of design, apparel and style.

Tips To Get Jobs In Mumbai With Fashion Degree –

  1. Know in and out:

Though getting into the fashion industry is a dream for many, it is not always that easy with so many talents out there. To keep yourself updated with what is going on in and around the industry, you ought to attend events that are accessible without pay. It is imperative to create connections and stay close with people linked to glamour world. Try to be part of occasions where professionals from this section of industries meet so that you get to know various people and their work from a near perspective.

  1. Start off as a freelancer:

With so much of competition around, grabbing a spot becomes really tough, at times. So in order to be part of the best fashion job in Mumbai, begin stepping in as a freelancer. Make a thorough research and contact professionals who offer freelancing work in the arena of your interest. This way, you will no longer stay fresher and will serve as a plus point when you are ready to work for reputed personalities.

  1. Prepare A Portfolio:

To enter the glamour world and to allow opportunities to beam in, it is necessary to have a portfolio that is impressive enough. So, it is essential to stay engaged with creative activities before and after college days. Moreover, you can as well design something to show that you have an understanding of contemporary trends. It is no longer enough to showcase only your school projects. Now the industry demands more and the best.

  1. Always Be On Search Mood:

Sometimes getting late at achieving something is not a bad idea. Bad attitude is when you  become irritated easily and discontinue your search for fresh openings or requirements. It is imperative to stay focused and in touch with hiring managers and recruiters from this sectors. But remember not to stress yourself much. Instead, to hunt down the perfect fashion jobs in Mumbai, allow yourself some space between each call and maintain follow up with each of it.

How To Overcome Unemployment Stress?

Unsteady economies, accompanied by fresh graduates and limited job opportunities, have risen the percentage of unemployment throughout the world. A couple of years back, even super nations like the United States has witnessed as many as 11.6 million people losing their jobs. Basically this is an issue that can never be altered. Each year, someone or the other, in all the major nations, has to face the ugly reality of unemployment. But still, victorious are those, who faces this phase with courage and wit. Thus, today, we will point before you few of the facts that are worth remembering to overcome the unemployment stress.

How To Overcome Unemployment Stress?

Overcoming Unemployment Stress

  1. Help Yourself:

There is nothing abnormal in feeling stressed just after losing your job, just that you should not allow that anxiety to transform into depression. This is your loss and until and unless you don’t help yourself in recovering from it, none can assist you. Therefore, it is very essential to figure out, what is bothering you the most – is it the unproductive hours of staying at home, spouse’s nagging, lack of regular income or you adrift at sea? Only when you will understand the cause of your stress, you can look forward for a solution.

  1. Stay Connected:

It is a human instinct to withdraw from friends and society, in such hours and get comfortable shut inside your sell. But remember, you are not the only one who is currently unemployed. There are many across the lands and seas. And moreover, to overcome this phase wisely, don’t cut down your networks. Speak with dear ones and ask them to refer any job opening if they come across. Or discuss with family, which next step can shape your future brightly. If nothing else, at lease share your feelings with someone you can trust to calm yourself down.

  1. Make Plans For Career Moves:

You should be making the most out of these depressing hours. Start posting resumes across all the online job portals, so that anywhere any job opening, relevant to your work skill sprouts out, you get updated. Make a habit of going through the career columns of newspapers and magazines. Attend career fairs and speak with professionals and experts regarding better job opportunities. In other words, keep trying because you never know when luck will smile at you.

  1. Eat, Sleep And Exercise Well:

You being unemployed does not mean that cribbing and crying, round the clock, will get you a solution. You are a victim of unemployment, so you have to stay focused and healthy for a happier tomorrow. Eat well and carry out exercise and yoga activities to keep your mind and body clear out of negativity. Simply don’t allow the stress to take a toll on you mental as well as physical wellbeing.

  1. Be A Part Of A Community:

Along with looking for fresh job opportunities, you can as well join new communities or clubs to keep yourself engaged, positive and energetic. If you wish you can be a part of your local Church or any society groups. Even social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn has few online communities that you can be part of, not only for latest job updates but also for fun activities.

What Important Tips To Remember For Video Interviews?

The more the world is getting familiar with internet benefits,  hiring processes are also becoming global, by stepping beyond the boundary. With this, nowadays hiring managers and recruiters are saving their time by conducting the first round of interview through the various video conferencing forums. So, video chatting is no longer confined to just sitting in front of the web camera to reply back some pre-determined interview questions. Now, it is much more than that with few set guide lines to make it impeccable professional.  Here are few pointers that are essential to remember while attending a video interview.

What Important Tips To Remember For Video Interviews?

Important Tips To Remember For Video Interviews

  1. Check Your Tech:

It is always wise to check your internet connections, headphones, web camera and other essentials; way before you attend the interview. Make sure that there are no technical issues with audio as well as video. This is imperative because in order to make your interview a successful one, both the side needs to hear and see each other clearly. Moreover, it is also important to locate the web camera at eye-level so that you can directly look at the camera and not on the screen while speaking to your interviewer.

  1. Arrange Your Surrounding:

Since it will be video conferencing, you can attend you interview from any corner of the globe. Very true ! But that does not mean that you will sit in any shabby place with tattering, worn out and unpleasant surrounding. At all time remember that, interviews of any type, should always be of formal and pleasant presentation.

  1. Prefer A Comfortable Area:

Moreover the area you choose to attend your video interview should not only be free of noise, confusions and distractions but should also be at the same time comfortable for you to speak freely. Never make the blunder of attending the interview from your current company.

  1. Dress Well:

Neither take your video interviews too casually, nor dress up in an informal way. This is so because, your interviewers can very clearly see you, though it will be through the computer screen. Dressing up nonchalantly will portray you to be not that serious with the interview, which can again be a negative remark for you.

  1. Use Anti-Glare Specks:

If in case you wear specks, make sure to get an anti-glare coating. According to career experts, if hiring managers can’t see your eyes they fail to trust you completely. So why take the risk and create a negative  impression.

  1. Sufficient light:

A lot of newbie video interviewees don’t pay much of attention to the brightness of the room. It is imperative to sit facing the light instead of it from the backdrop so that your face looks bright and clear. Natural lighting is even better, so try to sit in front of a window if possible. Along with receiving correct and accurate replies, hiring managers also loves to have a glace of their candidate, says career experts.

  1. Watch You Language:

Even if it is a video interview, you ought to be careful about your language. Don’t get hyper excited and think you can present yourself in any way. You need to be very much similar to what traditional face to face job interviews are.

What Are The Best Tips To Crack Phone Interview?

The present world being super competitive, telephones and mobiles are no longer limited to receive and make casual calls only. Nowadays, many organizations and companies are saving their time by conducting their initial interview rounds, through the telephone. So, if you take few careful measures, it won’t be much difficult to clear up this round and move on to the final ones. With this situation in mind, let us discuss few of the most essential tips that will prove useful while cracking your phone interview.

What Are The Best Tips To Crack Phone Interview?

The Best Tips To Crack Phone Interview

  1. Though in telephonic interviews, none can see one another, it is imperative that you stand tall while attending it so that you don’t sound lazy, tired, irritated or laid-back. Even avoid lighting a smoke.
  2. It is normal to ponder upon a question but forget not to inform your interviewer to avoid the awkward silence.
  3. Even if it wouldn’t be a face to face meeting, you need to be serious about it. Keep your resumes with you, know the designation of the interviewer, avoid multitasking and keep a pen or a pencil handy so that you can quickly jot down if anything important comes by.
  4. Stay away from noisy and distracting environment. Move to an isolate place at the time when the interview is to be attended. This is vital so that you can focus well.
  5. At the time of scheduling your interview, request for either no-work or after office hours. Doing so will allow you to speak calmly without the tension of getting late for office, meetings or other important day-to-day tasks.
  6. In case you attend your interview through a landline, please take care to switch off your cell phone.
  7. Maintain a pleasant tone accompanied by a smile to keep the complete conversation pleasant and position.
  8. Don’t intervene while your interviewer is speaking. Wait patiently for your turn to put forward your point. If required write down your points on a paper to avoid forgetting.
  9. Pay attention to what is being asked and respond the answer carefully yet clearly. Avoid beating round a bush and keep your answers short and quickly get to the actual point. First impression can be created even over a phone.
  10. Be confirm about the interview timing and keep your mobile with you. Don’t let your family members or friends to receive the call.
  11. Before ending the call, be courteous enough to thank the interviewer for his/her time.

How To Deal Positively With Job Rejection?

Receiving back to back “NO”, in spite of  continuously sending job applications to various organizations, I agree it is not pleasant to handle your emotions. But remember what the former United States Senator, Bo Bennett had said? Yeah, even you need to believe in his words that, “A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” In other words, job rejections are no doubt a part and parcel of every job seeker’s life but it comes only to groom us for the best career opportunity. These rejections allow us to move one step closer to the job offer actually meant for us. So don’t be dishearten and learn the tips to deal positively with job rejections.

How To Deal Positively With Job Rejection?

Tips To Deal Positively With Job Rejection

  1. Don’t Take It Personally:

Even though you had shown all your potentialities and technical wisdom with effective communication, you might fail to come out with flying colors. But does that mean that it was completely your fault?  No! It was not ! Don’t take it personally and get all emotional by blaming yourself. Look into the situation from a positive angle. Might be the firm was not right for your type. Or might be better job opportunities are awaiting you. Hence, try to focus on other openings and go on to present your best for each interview. At the right time luck will definitely smile at you.

  1. Deal With The Shortcomings:

Every time you are rejected, try to get a proper feedback either from the headhunter or from the HR of the concerned company. Get to know the actual reasons of turning you down. Might be you were not technically sound or probably your resume didn’t match the information that you have informed them. It can be any reason. So make an effort to brush up the areas that came in the path of your success and appear for the next interview with more confidence.

  1. Recollect Your Positive Moments:

At times continual job rejections can discourage and disappoint you to a level that you will start seeing everything surrounding you, negatively. To surface out of such depressing phase, quickly jot down the achievements you have achieved until now. Try to recollect the golden moments of yours when you had successfully delivered a project or handled a team issue. Doing so will create positive vibes around you and will boost you up to take the stride courageously.

  1. Consult A Career Expert:

If you think that you are constantly losing opportunities and also have no clue of how to get back on track, see a career counselor. Discuss in length you career graph and what you aspire to be in the future and start following the advices firmly. Start practicing your interview skills honestly in order to enhance yourself with impressive attributes.

  1. Start Networking:

If direct interviews are not showing up to be successful, try to speak about it within your close circle. As an alternative of staying locked up within yourself, make effort to put across your message. Inform your close friends that you are in look for fresh jobs and if they have anyone in mind, can let you know. In doing so, you will get to know about more openings that have not shown up in your email inbox.

  1. Hit The Gym:

You might not be mentally prepared for physical exercise during such a low phase, but to be honest, by hitting the gym, you will release the endorphins hormone, which will make you feel energetic and better. Moreover, since endorphins are natural stress and pain fighters produced by a human body, exercising regularly will keep you charged for more interviews.

So to be precise, rejections are ill-timed phases of daily work life, but what matters is, the power lies with us, whether to sail through it and come out victoriously or sit back and cry over it, making life more miserable and complicated.

What Things To Consider In A Job Relocation Package?

Though job relocation had always been a pain, many of us, might land up taking a job that requires shifting to a new location or an urban. In fact, according to career experts, 45% of the global population will be willing to relocate in order to hunt down better job opportunities. These are the group of job seekers who are more than happy to move, IF, their prospective employers offer to help with “transfer benefits”. So, next time if you happen to get such an offer, forget not to seek the following things as part of your relocation package.

What Things To Consider In A Job Relocation Package?

Things To Consider In A Job Relocation Package

  1. What Affect Will It Have On Your Relation:

If you are young and single then, you need not to think much about your transfer but in case you are in a relationship or married then obviously you need to consider your partner’s view as well. He/she should also be as welcoming as you to make this shift. This is vital because, if your better half is doing great in his/her current company then probably it won’t be the right time for him/her to move along with you. Thus, decide wisely!!

  1. Financial Status Of The Company:

Before you say yes to the job offer, ask your new hiring manager to allow you 1-2 days time to make a final decision. In this period, try to find out if the financial condition and the work environment of the company is soothing or not. It is imperative to follow this particular step, so that you don’t land up agreeing with the wrong organization.  You will be making a shift for better future, so why not take calculative choices.

  1. The Cost Of Living In The New City:

It is also required of you to make sure that the new city’s cost of living is way too much as compared to your current one. Might be, the company for which you will be relocating, is offering you a higher pay, but then if your expenses as well escalates with not much of saving at the end of the month, than what is the benefit of shifting and taking all the pain? Moreover, you will be again financially low.

  1. The Relocation Compensations Offered:

There are many organizations that cover up relocation expenditure for their new employees and you need to find out this even. At least the travelling charges, parcel charge, initial house rent etc are few things to be considered.  If you are still thinking that you can manage it yourself, believe me it will burn your pocket a hole. Thus, it is wise to talk about these expenditure clearly before the final move.

  1. Know About The Strings Attached:

Around 95% of the organization have a policy that their employee needs to pay back the “cost of moving” if they leave the company before the agreed period. So, if you are about to make a move, enquire about this to your recruiting manager. Whether you will be a part of the company for a long time or a limited period, that future situations will decide. But it is always advisable and safe to stay mentally alert so as to avoid getting stuck with “pay back amount”.

  1. Have A Tall With Related People:

And lastly, if you already know someone in the city you will be soon moving into, try to grab some advice from them. Ask them about their experiences and how had they managed difficult situations. Else you can also take complete advantage free information over the internet and make the best decisions accordingly.

Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer

It has been witnessed, in maximum cases, that whenever a job seeker receives a call for interview, he/she immediately jumps into it and fanatically hopes to crack it. In the process to put an end to the long ‘job search period’, their senses tend to abandon them and accepts whatever the company offers them with. But the truth is, sometimes being so desperate might make you compromise in the long run, while building your career. Thus, get to know the essential questions that you should ask your hiring manager before accepting any job offer.

Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer

Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer

  1. When Do I Need To Inform you, Finally?

When you are done with the interview rounds and get to know that you meet the company’s requirement, make sure to inquire about how much time you have to make the final decision about accepting the offer. Though it might be a thrilling moment for you, don’t let your judgment fail you. Think calmly about the things that have been negotiated with you and make the right decision. Moreover, this question will also make your employer clear that you are actually serious about being hired by the right organization for the right purpose.

  1. When Should I Join?

Make sure that you are comfortable about the joining time. Probably the company is seeking an employee who can join immediately but on the other hand you need to serve two more weeks of notice period in your current organization. To avoid confusion with such situation, it is vital to make clear about the joining date.

  1. Is The Salary Negotiable?

If you are not happy with the offered take-home, this is the perfect time to have a word on it. It is not necessary that you accept with whatever the company offers because the organization will make an offer keeping their profits in mind. So, it is you who have to take the initiation for a discussion and make the conclusion, whether you are fine with the given package or not.

  1. What Will Be The Work Responsibilities?

In order to make sure that you don’t land up shouldering the wrong responsibilities, it is essential to talk about the main job roles that you will be assigned with. Try to understand the type of activities that you will be carrying out regularly, whether they fit into your professional growth or not and how can you be benefited with the goals.

  1. What Are The Major Highlights Of Your Policy?

Before you say yes to your recruiter, try to know the company’s policy in a nutshell, so that your work-life-balance sync well. Make a point to inquire about compensation, travel expenditure, salary credit date, higher education facilities, vacations or sabbaticals etc. Your requirements, you will be knowing better. So try to figure out what can be best for you. No company will revise their policies as per your comforts – very true !! But having a clear picture of them will keep you mentally alert.

What Soft Skills Are Essential To Be Successful At Work?

Unlike technical skills, we don’t get much of training in terms of soft skills and thus we tend to devalue the essence of ‘people skill’ while trying to climb the ladder of success. Even corporate centers will not hint you with how to conduct yourself but they will assume that you already know how to act and perform. This is something, just like a dentist should know how to fill a cavity, even an employee should possess certain personal attributes to flourish and shine in his/her workplace. While the truth is, majority of us lack to excel in soft skills and end up messing around. Thus, to avoid such frustration, it is imperative to focus on few of the soft skills that we are going to discuss today.

What Soft Skills Are Essential To Be Successful At Work?

Essential Soft Skills to be Successful at Work

  1. Communication Abilities:

Irrespective of whether an employee is a fresher or an experienced one, possessing the ability to communicate well with co-workers is a great sign of success awaiting him/her. Building up new relationships and winning trust becomes way easier for people who bear strong communication skills. Courteousness, body language, clarity of voice, precision, lending ears, avoidance of slang etc are few of the important attributes that gets counted under communication skill.

  1. Perfect Work Ethic:

Just like you, even your seniors are employees assigned with responsibilities. Meaning to say, none has the time to babysit you every time a task has been handed over. It is your duty to extract details about the topic and complete it as per expected. It is always welcoming to work with someone on whom one can rely and discuss fresh ideas. Moreover, who will not love a person who is always on time, available at the drop of a hat and delivers quality result.

  1. Time Management:

By time management it does not exclusively mean the completion of a lot of task. It as well indicates the talent to schedule and handle all the activities systematically. Work pressure is a common workplace term but it is up to you how you deal with it. Keeping product quality in mind, you should be in a position to complete each assignment at the right time. Smart time managers don’t do a lot of stuff as compared to their colleagues but they know to plan their time before the day starts.

  1. Problem Solving Ability:

We all dislike problems and difficulties but that does not mean life will stop throwing lemons at you. In order to be successful, you should learn to overcome each situation, rather than running away from it. Identifying the issue, understanding its cause, listing out the possible solution and executing the suitable way out are few steps that needs to be cultivated to face any trouble upfront.

  1. Emotional Intelligence:

No matter how good you are technically, you won’t bear a good impression if you can’t jell along with your co-workers or rub your managers in the right manner. It will be difficult for you to survive at your workplace and this is what your emotional intelligence depends upon. To be better off, you should be in a position to create a rapport with everyone and connect emotionally. In other words, you should own capacity for self management and social awareness in order to get along smoothly in office.

  1. Teamwork:

It is not always possible to work or contribute solely in an organization. During many a times, your team will be requiring your cooperation to complete a project successfully. Now, you should draw out of your shell and offer your helping hands and fresh ideas to finish the task at the right time with the best quality.

How Can Digital Marketing Boost Your Business?

Only because of the way it has spread its wings over the globe, today Digital Marketing can offer so many advantages to online marketers. When the right strategies are applied, this form of marketing can expose your brand to a wider audience, that too at a quicker rate. Due to this, almost all marketers are nowadays going online and boosting their business through this forum. But if you are still not clear about the methodologies that can fuel up your marketing, glide through our write-up to catch up with the latest digital marketing trends.

How Can Digital Marketing Boost Your Business?

How Can Digital Marketing Boost Your Business?

  1. Approaching Maximum Audience:

As I have mentioned above, digital marketing is the best platform when it comes to reaching out to more potential customers. Now it is no longer a tough task to make your brand go global. The only thing you need to master is how to blend well SEO strategies with the available internet. Once, you can catch a knack of it, you will not only be in a position to broaden your customer base but can also build the perfect reputation for your business. Secondly inbound marketing campaign will work best, if in case your business is related to retailing.

  1. Best Utilization Of Social Media:

Social Media is one reason why today digital marketing is spreading its popularity as wildfire. In order to provide unique breakthroughs to your brand, social signals can be used smartly with SEO. Doing so will allow your business to establish its own online presence, firstly, and secondly more website traffic can be drawn for later lead conversion. According to some recent studies, it has been proved that businesses with a social media presence are witnessing better sales rate as compared to the ones without it.

  1. Nurturing Relationships:

Your business can grow rapidly only when you will start retaining your customers along with increasing its base. That is why it is not enough to target sales simply. It is again by making perfect use of social media marketing tactics that you can nurture and strengthen your relationships with your existing customers. As a startup you can initially start off by sending emails and then extent those connections through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in order to create an online community.

  1. Focusing On Advertisements and Offers:

When you start maintaining a website for the online presence of your brand, gradually you will not only start to grasp knowledge about the kind of audience that are interested in your products and services but will also be in a position to know which services they are interested in most. So accordingly you can highlight those services and products with some attractive discounts or offers so that it draws the attention of visitors and customers, precisely.

Thus it can be concluded that digital marketing is not specifically for one category of industry. Its strategies can be used to boost any business whether it is owned by a startup entrepreneur or a well established industrialists.

6 Must-Have Skills for Digital Marketing

Over the past decade, Digital Marketing has drawn all attention in the industry. In fact, twenty first century marketing has completely taken a turn over by bidding adieu to the traditional forms of business. Now, going online is the trend !! Bearing truth to this fact, a lot of digital marketing jobs have also popped up for effective driving of sales and leads conversion. But to be a part of this loop what skills you need to possess, is the main question that bothers many of us, interested in this field. Thus, we are here to discuss about the best skills one need to master in order to grab a high-paying digital marketing job.

What Skills You Need To Grab A High-Paying Digital Marketing Job?

Skills You Need To Grab A High-Paying Digital Marketing Job

  1. Technical Skills:

To maintain pace with the contemporary generation’s inclination for online activities, a marketer should have knowledge about some technical stuff such as video production and basic coding. This is essential because a digital marketing senior can guide his/her team and communicate with various other tech teams only when he/she can comprehend how a website functions or what needs to be done to create an apt online presence.

  1. Search Engine Optimization:

To compete for lucrative online marketing jobs, it is important that you brush up your SEO skills such as server response code, server site setting, Moz, sitemaps and few more. With these, you will not only be at an upper hand while appearing for SEO jobs but will also be in a position to make strategic plans for competitive landscape and customer search behavior.

  1. E-Mail Marketing:

In order to create more business scopes and opportunities, it is vital that you can maintain the perfect communication by sending appealing emails to the right person. You should possess the knack to figure out strategic optimization, conduct relentless testing and craft pleasant content. E-mail marketing will be a hit for your brand only when you will start realizing the cause, affects and solutions for bounce rate, open rate and conversion rate.

  1. Social Media Optimization:

As you already know that nowadays social media is the best platform to stay connected with prospective clients and customers, you have to master the required skills to successfully launch or run a social media campaign. Studies shows that, Facebook and Twitter are still the dominating forums for effective interaction. So, enlighten yourself about how, why and when to use Facebook Insights, Power Editor, Look Alike audience, oCPM bidding and few other tactics.

  1. Mobile Marketing:

Gone are the days when audience used to surf the internet only through the desktop. With the arrival of the Smartphone concept, everyone prefers to stay online through the small screen. In such a scenario, it is imperative that you understand the essence of mobile marketing and the techniques required to make your website a successful one.

  1. Analytics:

To be a successful digital marketing professional, it is no longer enough to simply execute strong outbound and inbound digital approaches. Now time demands that you have clear know-how about how to regularly analyze them and use more enhanced methods to improve them further.