With Degree In Fashion, How To Get Jobs In Mumbai?

According to Mark Twain, clothed man have the maximum influence on society and today we get to see how true were his words. Irrespective of whether we are a part of the fashion industry or someone who goes gaga over dressing sense, we are all directly or indirectly linked to this very industry of glamour.… Read More »

How To Overcome Unemployment Stress?

Unsteady economies, accompanied by fresh graduates and limited job opportunities, have risen the percentage of unemployment throughout the world. A couple of years back, even super nations like the United States has witnessed as many as 11.6 million people losing their jobs. Basically this is an issue that can never be altered. Each year, someone… Read More »

What Important Tips To Remember For Video Interviews?

The more the world is getting familiar with internet benefits,  hiring processes are also becoming global, by stepping beyond the boundary. With this, nowadays hiring managers and recruiters are saving their time by conducting the first round of interview through the various video conferencing forums. So, video chatting is no longer confined to just sitting… Read More »

What Are The Best Tips To Crack Phone Interview?

The present world being super competitive, telephones and mobiles are no longer limited to receive and make casual calls only. Nowadays, many organizations and companies are saving their time by conducting their initial interview rounds, through the telephone. So, if you take few careful measures, it won’t be much difficult to clear up this round… Read More »

How To Deal Positively With Job Rejection?

Receiving back to back “NO”, in spite of  continuously sending job applications to various organizations, I agree it is not pleasant to handle your emotions. But remember what the former United States Senator, Bo Bennett had said? Yeah, even you need to believe in his words that, “A rejection is nothing more than a necessary… Read More »

What Things To Consider In A Job Relocation Package?

Though job relocation had always been a pain, many of us, might land up taking a job that requires shifting to a new location or an urban. In fact, according to career experts, 45% of the global population will be willing to relocate in order to hunt down better job opportunities. These are the group… Read More »

Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer

It has been witnessed, in maximum cases, that whenever a job seeker receives a call for interview, he/she immediately jumps into it and fanatically hopes to crack it. In the process to put an end to the long ‘job search period’, their senses tend to abandon them and accepts whatever the company offers them with.… Read More »

How Can Digital Marketing Boost Your Business?

Only because of the way it has spread its wings over the globe, today Digital Marketing can offer so many advantages to online marketers. When the right strategies are applied, this form of marketing can expose your brand to a wider audience, that too at a quicker rate. Due to this, almost all marketers are… Read More »

6 Must-Have Skills for Digital Marketing

Over the past decade, Digital Marketing has drawn all attention in the industry. In fact, twenty first century marketing has completely taken a turn over by bidding adieu to the traditional forms of business. Now, going online is the trend !! Bearing truth to this fact, a lot of digital marketing jobs have also popped up… Read More »