How to Communicate Clearly With Your Colleagues At Work?

Irrespective of the industry you are employed for, communication is a skill that can actually turn the complete workplace for you. Yet, many of us lack the basic sense of acceptable communication as an employee or a colleague. According to experts, effective and clear communication end up misunderstandings and break up the ice prevailing among… Read More »

The Best Job Interview Tips For Job Seekers

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How To Answer The Most Common Interview Questions?

Once you are successfully done with the HR round, finally it will be time to face the person who will actually decide whether you can aptly fulfill the job requirements they are looking for. Yes, he/she will be your hiring manager and you ought to be careful about every word that you will be blurting.… Read More »

How To Maintain A Work-Life Balance?

Identifying the twenty first century as a complete period of “rat race”, all of us have been trapped in the scenario to compete and prove ourselves better than our fellows. This is a bitter reality that has allowed us to lead an unhappy life style, though many of us have already attained what we had… Read More »

What Are The Growing Industries In Hyderabad?

Hyderabad – The fastest growing metropolis in India and is popularly known as the city of Pearls and cyberabad. The city has grown to become India’s most popular economic hub for the IT industry, Pharmaceutical industry, plastic industry and many more. Due to large economic growth, it is also recognized as the economic and financial… Read More »

What Are The Cover Letter Mistakes To Be Avoided?

A cover letter is an important document in a job applicant’s life because many employers tend to make an overall judgment only by casting a single glace on it. Your resume might be impeccably impressive but at the same time if your accompanying cover letter is downright terrible then there are chances that you will… Read More »

What Are The Best Job Opportunities Chennai Has?

Chennai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and India’s second largest city for exporting information technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. It has a broad industrial area across various sectors and many automobile manufacturing industries are situated in and around the city. All these are the major reasons for many… Read More »

What are the 10 things to avoid in your new job?

The starting of a new job is a crucial time and now you have to start off on the right foot to create a positive impression on your boss and colleagues. You’ll be feeling with a mixture of emotions from anxiousness to excitements. On the other side, you have to adapt to the new work… Read More »