Top Smart Ways To Use Social Media For Job Hunt

Are you a fresher or an experienced looking for jobs? Are you using social media for job hunting? If not, I strictly recommend you to use social media from now on for your job searching. When it comes to advancing your career opportunities, there are numerous challenges that a fresher or an experienced might undergo.… Read More »

How To Answer Job Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself

The most common ice breaking question, while appearing in a job interview – tell me about yourself, is actually a question that needs to be answered very carefully. This very initial question sets the complete tone of the interview, allowing interviewers to make their first impression about you. This is why, though many of us… Read More »

What Are The Best Social Media Career Opportunities?

Social media has influenced everyone of ours networking and socializing mannerisms in such a way that it has completely revolutionized the marketing trends of various sector. In today’s date there is not a single industry who is not implementing social media strategies to boost their businesses. From this, one thing is clear that social media… Read More »

Reliance Jio SIM – What Is It All About?

An unit of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Reliance Jio will soon offer an incredible transformation to not only phone usage and internet speed in India but to the complete telecom industry as a whole. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, the RIL Chairman and Managing Director had announced the Jio Welcome Offer in Jio’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)… Read More »

The Best Ways To Double Your Current Salary

None can deny the happiness they will get if their salary gets doubled. It is very true that each of us wishes that the value of our current income becomes double or triple in the shortest span of time. At the same time, the bitter truth is while a handful of us have turned this… Read More »

How To Come Out Successfully In Group Discussions?

Though all of us know the literal meaning of group discussion, how many of you know how to crack it successfully? To get entry into any Business Schools or reputed organizations, group discussions have become a mandatory hiring process. It is in this round that the team building spirit, leadership quality, innovative thinking and other… Read More »

What Are The Best Tips To Improve Job Satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is the secret to boost a company’s productivity, enthusiasm for work and least employee turnover. It is that ultimate weapon which possess the potentiality to make an employee happy, not only professionally but as well in his personal life. Studies have shown that work satisfaction is one of the major issues for contemporary… Read More »

How To Be An Intern That Everyone Wants To Hire?

We all love it, when from being an intern we land up becoming a full time employee for the company. But the question is how to offer this dream a reality touch? Because you will not be the only person interning. There will be a complete group of interns and that too for limited job… Read More »